Baby Walker Cum Rocker MM-W-270B


Mee Mee’s Super-Safe Walker cum Rocker is a one-of-its-kind model to be released in India that combines the best safety & playtime features for your baby. This innovative product completely complies to European Safety Standards. It is a unique walker exclusively available at Mee Mee Stores in India. It has an inbuilt anti-fall function that automatically halts if the baby is using the walker on a heightened surface or stairs which helps in preventing small accidental falls and ensures baby is 100% safe. It has an ‘automatic lock’ that locks the wheels of the walker and the child is secure in case the folding lever is accidently pressed by an adult. Additionally, the walker also has a manual lock to halt the walker in a particular place, can be adjusted to three different heights, has entertaining musical functions and relaxing rocking functions to give your child a complete experience.

Dimensions : 67.8 x 57.2 x 17.2 cm